"Engagement Between Civil Society and National Bodies"

ERA Survey of Member Organisations 2013

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ERA Roadmap Launch with guest of honour- Rev Jesse L Jackson


 'Today we are free, but not equal'


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ERA Conference Nov 2009:

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'Downgrading Equality and Human Rights- Assessing the Impact' 2009






ERA Monitoring Doc for IHREC

The Equality and Rights Alliance (ERA) was established to seek the highest standards for our equality and human rights infrastructure.  We have developed a range of publications and reports that explore and establish the standards we seek for this infrastructure. 

ERA welcomes IHREC’s strategic plan. We present this draft standard to communicate civil society's hopes and expectations for IHREC, which are based on documents developed by ERA, and to offer support IHREC in achieving this standard. 



ERA Press Release Wednesday 26 October 2016

ERA call for new legal equality ground based on socio-economic status


Ireland at risk of being out of sync with European equality standards on socio-economic ground

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ERA seminar September 2013

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International Bodies Consistently Raise Concerns Regarding Cuts 

Concerns regarding the erosion of the Irish statutory equality and human rights infrastructure and regarding proposals in the Heads of Bill to establish the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (which will negatively impact on the independence and effectiveness of the IHREC) have been raised by a number of international and EU bodies and experts with the Irish Government since 2008.

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ERA Complaint and Petition to EU 2009

 ERA lodged a legal complaint with the European Commission stating that Ireland is in breach of EU equality law.

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A corresponding petition was sent to the EU Parliament 

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Equality & Rights Alliance presented its petition to the EU Parliaments petition committee in May 2010.

Speaking at the debate to support ERA were MEPs Proinsias De Rossa, Marian Harkin and Joe Higgins.

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RTE news report on the debate




ERA Public Sector Duty Working Group Minutes

The Equality and Rights Alliance has brought members together to begin to look at how Civil Society can develop its own analysis on Public Sector Duty and specific actions we as a collective could look to take in relation to Public Sector Duty. The two initial discussions have taken the ERA Publication "An New Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty" as a starting point to investiage how a values-based approach can inform our work. 


The next meeting will take place in the offices of the NWCI at 1pm and for more information email


Minutes of the 1st ERA Public Sector Duty Working Group 


Minutes of the 2nd ERA Public Sector Duty Working Group 


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