Equality & Rights Alliance (ERA) is a coalition of over 170 civil society groups and activists in Ireland.  Our members represent women, older people, children, minority ethnic people, people with disabilities, workers, migrants, Travellers, gay, lesbian and transgender people, parents, carers and many more who protest the Irish Government’s undermining of our equality, human rights, anti-racism and anti-poverty institutions. 

Our mission is to defend and strengthen the equality and human rights statutory infrastructure.

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Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Issues Report on Human Rights in Ireland

Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg issues his report on Ireland following his visit in June 2011

  Commenting on the decision to merge the Equality Authority and IHRC Hammarberg called on the Government to: 

' carefully assess the impact of the measures taken and any merger proposals with a view to ensuring effective operations as well as to providing for stable, long-term planning'.

Read Hammarberg report in full

Council of Europe Opinion on National Structures for Promoting Equality

The Commissioner for Human Rights: Opinion on national structures for promoting equality, March 2011:

The opinion outlines a number of recommendations for improving the effectiveness and independence of national institutions for the promotion of equality and protection from discrimination. Read the full transcript:  

Read opinion in full



EU Commission Study on Equality Bodies- October 2010


The European Commission has published a study of equality bodies in all Member States. The study explores issues of independence, effectiveness and impact for equality bodies .

Read report in full - October 2010

The study notes: 

'Non-governmental organisations have emerged as important voices for compliance with the Equal Treatment Directives and against any regression in protection against discrimination....... The Equality Rights Alliance of NGOs and trade unions formed in Ireland to protest against cuts in funding to the 


Equality Authority'. para 464 page 175


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