"Maximising the Ambition for the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty" : April 2015

Maximising the Ambition for the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty

By Niall Crowley

Article for SIPTU Liberty: April 2015


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'Equality Alliance Surprised at Aylward Appointment to Europe' Dec 8, 2011

Equality & Rights Alliance (ERA) said that it was surprised that Sean Aylward has been appointed as the Irish representative to the influential Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of Torture.

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'Merged Equality and Rights Body Must be Stronger than Sum of its Parts' Sept 9, 2011

Equality & Rights Alliance today called on the Government to clarify that its decision to merge the Equality Authority and the Irish Human Rights Commission is more than a simple cost-cutting exercise. The government must show that a merger is not about finishing off the destruction of the equality and human rights infrastructure started by the previous administration, the coalition of 170 organisations and individuals said

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' Row-back on commitments in the Programme for Government' Sept 5 2011

Public sector positive duties encourage greater transparency and accountability in policy making and service planning and delivery. They enhance the capacity of public service providers to better meet the needs of all members of intended target populations, thereby using scarce resources to best effect. Surely in the current economic climate and given Government rhetoric regarding public sector reform, these are exactly the sort of measures our Government should be seriously considering

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'UN criticises Irish government on anti-racism efforts' February 21 2011

Coordinator of the Equality Rights Alliance Rachel Mullen stated that, the massive cuts in funding to the Equality Authority, the Human Rights Commission and the closure of the NCCRI in 2008, have seriously undermined the protection available to minority ethnic groups.

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'Making Equality & Rights an Election Issue' Jan 17 2011

“You get what you elect,” said Joanna McMinn, Chair of ERA. “We are rallying our sizeable membership to declare on the doorsteps that equality and rights matter. We are asking them to find out who will best protect and progress equality and human rights and then to elect them.”

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