Largely Ignored: UN ESCR report to Government July 2015

The UN Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights made 32 recommendations to the Irish Government on substantial human rights abuses. But is that it untill we are back in front of the Committee in 2020?

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"Reinstate Mobility Grants for Disabled" June 2015

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"Evolution in our Equality & Human Rights Legislation Greeted With Little Fanfare" May 2015

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"Maximising the Ambition for the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty" : April 2015

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'Making Equality & Rights an Election Issue' Jan 17 2011

Rev. Jesse Jackson will push message that equality and rights matter in GE 11 


Election 2011 got under starter’s orders this morning with the launch of a campaign urging people to “Make Your Mark for Equality and Human Rights” on their ballot papers. 

Equality & Rights Alliance, a coalition of 155 organisations and activists with a membership spread of well over a quarter of a million people, said that it would actively encourage its members and others to elect people who will protect equality and human rights.  

In a month’s time, on February 14th, ERA will host the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Snr. who will push this ERA election challenge.  He will make a rare trip to Ireland to launch a groundbreaking ERA document setting out how the Irish equality and human rights infrastructure can be strengthened by the incoming government.  

A recent study showed that Ireland now has one of the worst levels of social justice of all OECD member states, ranking 27th out of 31 countries, largely because of its poverty levels.  


“You get what you elect,” said Joanna McMinn, Chair of ERA.  “We are rallying our sizeable membership to declare on the doorsteps that equality and rights matter.  We are asking them to find out who will best protect and progress equality and human rights and then to elect them.”


“If we want real change and a decent society, we have to elect people who are going to deliver that.  If we don’t, it’s back to politics as usual, which has failed us.”

She said that a stronger equality and human rights infrastructure was critical to rebuilding a better society.  One of the key ERA recommendations is the inclusion of the socio-economic ground in equality legislation to ensure that targeting poverty is prioritised by future political leaders.  

The election launch took the shape of Ireland’s first social justice mash event.  Speakers gave different perspectives on the experiences of people and groups living with inequality and discrimination.  

Speakers at today’s mash included Denise Charlton (Immigrant Council of Ireland), Norah Gibbons (Barnardos), Robin Webster (Age Action), Frances Byrne (OPEN) Martin Collins (Pavee Point Traveller Centre), David Egan (Centre for Independent Living), Grainne Healy (Marriagequality), Ailbhe Smyth (Feminist Open Forum), Frank Goodwin (Carers Association).





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