Safeguarding Human Rights in Times of Economic Crisis 

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nov 2013


"Equality Bodies: Current Challenges" Equinet 2012

"Equality Bodies and National Human Rights Institutions- Making the links to maximise impact"

Equinet 2011


 July 2015: The Community Platform sets out its recommendations for a more equal, inclusive, sustainable Ireland




Effective Parliamentary Oversight of Human Rights

Kings College London, June 2014

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 Processes and Indicators for Measuring the Impact of Equality Bodies 

Niall Crowley (2013) :

This resource published by Equinet (the European network of equality bodies) aims to:

- Devise and recommend practical processes and indicators for equality bodies to use to measure the impact of their work, and

- Support national equality bodies to develop systems of evaluation 





Bridging the Divide:

Integrating the Functions of National Equality Bodies and National HRIs in the EU 

October 2013

This report draws the learning from developments in six EU Member States (including Ireland) regarding the integration of equality and human rights institutions.

The report offers valuable information on the potential offered and the challenges posed by merging national equality and human rights institutions and how to meet those challenges.

Report of a Conference by the Equality Authority

This publication brings together three papers delivered at a conference on the theme of positive duty organised by the Equality Authority in October 2012.

The aim of the conference was to facilitate discussion and debate on what positive duty means, why it is needed and how it can it work. 



"Bridging The Divide: The Merger of the Equality Authority and IHRC" 

This report maps out the merger process of the Equality Authority and IHRC and "provides a detailed account of the sequence of events which have impacted upon the process of design-making and the general climate in which the integration has taken place"

The report is part of a wider EU project examining mergers in six EU Member States. 

"Human Rights body abandoned by a year of inaction"  

Katherine Zappone, Irish Examiner, July 31, 2013  

The Human Rights and Equality Commission must have a robust independence, writes Katherine Zappone

THE establishment of the new Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has taken too long. It has been the best part of two years since a merger between the Irish Human Rights Commission and the Equality Authority was announced — an entire year since the draft legislation for this body was published — yet a functional organisation has still not been formed.

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The Role of Equality and Human Rights Bodies and The Case for Synergy 

A Paper presented by Sarah Spencer , May 2013 


Mapping the Rollback? Human Rights Provisions of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement 15 Years On

By Michael Farrell, Senior Solicitor, Free Legal Advice Centres :

Read Full Paper: Human Rights and Equality Commitments 15 Years On: The Irish Government's Compliance With Its Commitments




"Deficiencies in the new Human Rights and Equality Commission" 


By Niall Crowley, Village Magazine, September 2012

Minister Alan Shatter has committed on a number of occasions to the highest standard for the new merger Human Rights and Equality Commission.

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Ireland 2008- 2012 Untold Story of the Crisis- Gender, Equality and Inequalities

By Ursula Barry and Pauline Conroy for TASC May 2012  Read full post 


'The Merger of the Equality Authority & Irish Human Rights Commission' by Michael Farrell FLAC

Read Michael's paper  on the forthcoming merger of the IHRC and Equality Authority, delivered to the Hanna Sheehy Skeffington School April 2012


"Human Rights – What Ireland says, and what it does: the case for an alternative compliance model" Donncha O'Connell April 2012

we should not fool ourselves into thinking of human rights as a coherent ideology nor of the international human rights system as a panacea. This is not a point that goes without saying. Assumptions about the utility of human rights, or a human rights based approach, need to be challenged not so as to cancel out any interest but so as to foster a proportionate sense of value.

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Submissions from ERA members on the merger of IHRC & Equality Authority: 


Sronger Together - Congress - Irish Congress of Trade Unions

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FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centres) - promoting access to justice          




EU FRA "Access to Justice in Cases of Discrimination in the EU"  2011




This report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) examines the process of seeking redress in cases of discrimination.

The report contributes to making justice accessible by providing a detailed analysis of what the EU Member State bodies that deal with cases of discrimination do to support possible victims of discrimination and offer them redress. 

The research examines whether the measures that are in place are effective, and looks at what is needed to enhance them. 


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